The coalition is represented by 12 sectors of the community:

  1. Youth (5th-12th grade)
  2. Parents
  3. Business
  4. Media
  5. Schools
  6. Youth Serving Organizations
  7. Law Enforcement
  8. Civic/ Volunteer Organizations
  9. Religious/ Fraternal Organizations
  10. Healthcare Professionals
  11. State/ Local/or Tribal Government
  12. Other Organizations Involved in Reducing Substance Abuse

These members then divide into four subcommittees to help implement grant requirements:


Collect analyze and share data with PHNR and the community; collaborate with local evaluator to understand data and use it to inform PHNR strategic and action plans.

Youth Programming Committee

Coordinate and communicate the substance abuse prevention and developmental asset building efforts of each school and other organizations in the district.


Plan and implement strategies and activities to build skills, change consequences, and modify policy


Develop and share PHNR messaging; maintaining PHNR’s online presence and recruiting and maintaining PHNR’s members and partners.;